Poured in Place Maintenance

Tips to Maintain Your Poured In Place Rubber Surface

  • Do not power wash the surface with a high powered nozzle.
  • Do not use metal bristle brooms or metal shovels.
  • Do not place sharp objects on the surface (Including pointy high heels, pointy ladder legs, pointy chair legs…etc.)
  • Do not use chemicals that dissolve lacquer and glues.
  • You can sanitize the surface by adding a 1 to 10 part bleach to water, or use a sanitizing product.
  • You can use a blower or a soft bristle broom on the surface.
  • Protecting the surface from UV rays helps extend its life.
  • When shielding the surfacing from UV rays is not an option, reconditioning it once in a while is recommended. Reconditioning is needed when you see loose granules on the entire surface. The reconditioning process rejuvenates the surface with binders to replace the ones degraded by UV rays. Depending on how much sun the surface gets, it should be reconditioned every two to three years.
  • If your poured in place rubber surface becomes damaged with holes and cracks, you can patch the damaged areas with easy to use, do-it-yourself poured in place repair kits.

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