Safety Surfacing Padding 1″

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$60.00 per pad. 

Each Safety Surfacing Pad is 4′ x 6′. Padding is a better option than other materials under surfaces such as turf or mulch for many reasons.

  • Safety Surfacing Padding has a built in weed barrier/ geo fence
  • critical fall height of 5′ for 1″ padding
  • resists mold and fungus
  • drains more efficently than rock fill
  • made to last outdoors

Our Padding is the perfect material to place under turf or any type of mulch when installing. It allows for the surface to last longer and creates a safer space for children. This Safety Surfacing Padding has a height of 1″ for surface support in places where the 2″ Safety Surfacing Padding is either not necessary or does not fit.


Our Safety Surfacing Padding 2″ is also available if your surfacing project needs extra support and safety. The 2″ Padding has a critical fall height of 9′ as opposed to 5′ of the 1″ padding.

Weight 21 lbs

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