A 0012 Playground Energy Spring Rider

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This bike spring rider harvests the kinetic energy from a child playing on it and returns the energy to them in the form of light in order to motivate them to play more. This unique experience gives the children a responsive and interactive play activity, unlike any other piece of outdoor playground equipment.


Traditional playgrounds and play equipment feature only static, non-responsive play events. Globally, the newest round of play equipment being purchased and installed is moving toward a new trend: responsive play. In this day and age, direct and immediate feedback is needed in order to encourage children to keep playing.

The Playground Energy Spring Rider is an innovative piece of playground equipment. It offers an innovative solution for the need for responsive play. As the child uses the bike, the movement generates kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is the displayed in the form on light and color in the seat. The 1:1 response of this spring rider keeps the child’s attention and encourages them to keep playing!

This playground equipment does not have any batteries. It does not connect to any source of electricity. The only source of energy it has is the movement the kids generate by riding the bike. This offers a great opportunity for the kids to learn about energy generation and conservation.

The bike is made out of heavy duty HDPE plastic and metals. It meets all ASTM and CPSC playground safety standards. It is very easy to install. Watch the installation video below.

Watch this video to see the spring rider in action and learn more about the spring rider at http://www.playgroundenergy.info

Weight 180 lbs

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