Value Base Layer Poured in Place Repair Kit

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-Base Layer Patch Kit to repair the impact attenuation layer of playground rubberized surfaces

-Covers approximately 5 sqft at a 1” depth.

-Easy, DIY application


Value – Will repair approximately 5 square feet of surface (10lbs of rubber + 2lbs of binder)

Our poured in place rubber base layer patch kits are designed to repair damages that extend beyond the wear layer into the impact attenuation layer.  The depth of the base layer depends on the height of your playground equipment. Our Base Layer Patch Kit covers approximately 5 square feet at a depth of 1″. Your kit will include 12.5 pounds of SBR rubber buffings and 2 pounds of glue (aromatic binder). After applying the base layer kit, you should apply the Wear Layer Patch Kit on top. Caution: You should never patch base layer with wear layer material because the EPDM granules that make up the wear layer do not have the impact attenuation properties that the SBR rubber strands do.

If you have any questions about the application please call us at: 203-659-0456.



You will need: A utility knife, a bucket for mixing, a rounded trowel, soapy water and gloves

  1. Make sure you pick a dry day to patch.
  2. Using a sharp utility knife, create a clean cut around the area you would like to patch.
  3. Clean the area to be patched of any debris.
  4. Pour the entire content of the package (first the buffings, then the one metal can of binder) in a plastic pail that you plan to dispose of later.
  5. Mix the content thoroughly. Make sure that all the buffings are coated evenly with the binder.
  6. Using a rounded trowel spread the mix onto the area you are patching.
  7. Use a mixture of water and liquid soap to lubricate the trowel after each pass.
  8. Let cure for at least 24 hours before you apply the wear layer.

Click here for a downloadable instruction sheet

Weight 16 lbs

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