Value Yellow and Black Poured in Place Repair Kit

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Patch kit: Yellow and black mix


Value – Will repair approximately 5 square feet of surface (10lbs of rubber + 2lbs of binder)

Our poured in place rubber Patch kits are designed for ease of use and to quickly solve a small problem that can turn into a big one later. Pre-measured amounts of EPDM and binder are shipped to you to patch existing holes in your rubber surface. Each patch kit will cover approximately 5 square feet at the standard depth of a half inch. The kit you receive will contain the EPDM granules in the color combination you requested a pre-measured amount of binder as well as an easy to follow instruction sheet.


You will need: A utility knife, a bucket for mixing, a rounded trowel, soapy water and gloves

  1. Make sure you pick a dry day to patch you rubber playground surface.
  2. Using a sharp utility knife, create a clean cut around the area you would like to patch. When cutting the area, make sure to cut the edges of the area at a 45-degree angle. This will create a stronger bond at the edges of the patch.
  3. Clean the area of all loose granules and debris.
  4. Pour all of the rubber granules into the bucket and mix the entire content of the binder in a plastic pail that you plan to dispose of later.
  5. Mix the content thoroughly. Make sure that all the rubber granules are coated evenly with the binder
  6. Using a rounded trowel spread the mix onto the area you are patching.
  7. Use a mixture of water and liquid hand soap to lubricate the trowel after each pass.
  8. Secure the area and let cure for 24 to 48 hours.


Click here for a downloadable instruction sheet


Weight 15 lbs

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