1 Quart Playground Deck Repair Kit – Grey

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Color: Grey

Quantity: 1 Quart

Shelf-life: 8-12 months


Color: Grey


  • 1 Quart – Repairs approximately 8 square feet depending on material

*Please call with questions about your deck material 203 659 0456

Our playground deck repair kit fixes all plastisol tears and cracks, making your playground decks safer while protecting them from the elements. Our long-lasting solution is highly effective in increasing the shelf life and integrity of your playground. The playground deck repair kit uses the same material that the original plastisol deck is made from, making it a safe and effective solution. The shelf life of the product is approximately 8-12 months. Customers usually receive their order within 1-2 weeks from purchase date. (Each order is custom-made due to short shelf-life)

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