Rubber Surface Base Layer Binder – 1 Gallon

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Our Rubber Surface Base Layer Binder is a polyurethane adhesive that is the best when working with buffings or base layer rubber for playground surfacing and track and field surfacing. Our 1 Our 1 gallon can contains 8.39 pounds of glue and is perfect for larger patch/ repair jobs.
When working with rubber surfacing, the base layer/ buffings should be 12% binder. Each bucket of binder has a pour spout and removable top for ease of use. In order to ensure the binder works well, the rubber and binder need to be fully mixed together before use.

Allow 24 hours for binder/rubber mix to harden and dry.

In order to protect your EPDM surface from UV degradation and general wear use our Rubber Surface Rebinder.

Contractor pricing is available. Contact us for more information.


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