Contrabass Chimes

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  • Interactive Play
  • Durable
  • Sculptural
  • Perfectly Tuned
  • No Wrong Notes
  • All Abilities, All Ages
  • Everyone Can Play!


Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant tones, the Contrabass Chimes provide an outdoor music experience through powerful sounds that are both heard and felt. This is one of the largest and loudest outdoor musical instruments on the market.

There are seven chimes available, ranging from seven to nine feet tall. The taller the chime, the deeper the tone it emits. Each is made with four-inch diameter, heavy duty anodized aluminum tubes. They are pitched one octave below middle C to create a deep note that sustains long after the fundamental sound has ceased.

Mount Type

Inground, Surface

Number of Chimes

Individual Chime, Complete Set

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Contrabass Chimes Mallet Pole (with 2 Mallets)

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Contrabass Chimes Mallet Pole (with 2 Mallets)

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Adding an extra mallet pole allows more children to play at the same time. Each additional pole comes with 2 mallets.

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