Poured in Place Rebinder B™

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Quantity: 5 gallon pail (44lbs)

Coverage: Up to 1,200 sq ft

Our Poured in Place Rebinder™ is a rubber conditioner that rejuvenates your Poured in Place rubber surface, extending its lifespan while refreshing its colors, making them pop once again.

It is a must-have maintenance solution for liability prevention. By catching granulation in its early stages, you are able to prevent further damage to your poured rubber surface, saving yourself the cost of expensive repairs while avoiding major liability concerns down the road.


The Rebinder is currently out of stock. Consider using the Rebinder B.

Trassig’s Playground Poured in Rubber Rebinder™ is a rubber surface re-conditioner that is designed to replenish your playground safety surfacing with the bonding agents that were lost to UV exposure. It is a one component product that is ready to use without mixing with any other solvents. It is very easy to apply and will ensure your rubber surface will last.

Key Advantages:

  • The cheapest way to save your Poured In Place surface at 28 cents per square foot vs. adding another wear layer at $8 to $15 per square foot.
  • Will not crust or harden your surface if applied properly and at the right time.
  • Clear composition so it won’t darken your surface.
  • Aromatic based. Will amber bright surfaces temporarily
  • Easy, DIY application. No need to add solvents
  • Environmentally friendly.

When do I apply the Rebinder

You can only rebind your playground surface when it needs to be reconditioned. Rebinding prematurely can harden the Poured In Place system. We tell our clients to do the “Shuffle test” which means scraping your feet on the rubber surface to see if you can easily dislodge the granules. It’s very important to ONLY Rebind when you see loose granules.


Each pail will cover up to 1,200 sf area. The coverage will depend on several factors, including the porousness and the general condition of the surface, and the last time the poured rubber surface has been reconditioned.


You will need the following materials:

  • leaf blower, (power washer)
  • tarp
  • paddle mixer
  • drip pan
  • paint roller

Look for a sunny day above 60 degrees. If it is going to rain within four hours after applying, do not rebind.

Step 1: Use a leaf blower to remove loose granulated rubber and other debris from area. If necessary, use a power washer with a wide angle nozzle and binder friendly detergent to sanitize the surface. Make sure your surface is COMPLETELY dry before continuing. Check under equipment for possible excess water and moisture

Step 2: Lay down a tarp to avoid splashing and use a paddle mixer to thoroughly mix the Rebinder™ in the pail before use. It is necessary to mix Rebinder™ before use.

Step 3: Pour Rebinderinto drip pan. Do not mix with other products or solvents.

Step 4: Use a cheap paint roller to equally distribute Rebinder™ on your poured in place surface because you will be throwing it away after installation.

Step 5: Apply pressure when applying Rebinder™ in order to make sure the coat is even and sufficient. Go over each area only one time. Do not treat Rebinder™ like paint. Multiple layers will harden your surface.

Step 6: Even though Trassig’s Rebinder™ is fast curing, secure area and allow 24 hours before use after application. If it rains 4 hours or more after application the Rebinder™ will not be affected, but it cannot rain during the application of the Rebinder™ for it to properly cure.

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to apply our rubber surface conditioner.

Weight 48 lbs

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