Playground Wear Mat

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Playground wear mats are necessary to keep loose surfacing from displacing under swings and slide exists. These ADA compliant mats make maintenance of loose surfacing much easier.

These mats are 32”x 54” x 2” depth with a beveled edge (80lb). They are made of 100% recycled rubber, polyurethane binder and Colorant.

How to Install:

  • Lay mat on the ground where it will be installed and mark its position.
  • Remove any grass where mat will be installed and dig a shallow trench (one inch in depthbelow grade of surrounding ground and the size of the mat).
  • Replace mat.
  • If used for playground setting, the top of the mat should be level with the surroundingmulch.
  • This mat should not be secured using a landscaping pin or stake – the weight of the matshould keep it in place.

Weight 50 lbs

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